Kursy i szkolenia

W tym miejscu znajdą Państwo wszystkie kursy i szkolenia realizowane przez Fundację “Ekopotencjał – Przestrzeń Możliwości”, współfinansowane ze środków pozyskanych zarówno Polskich jak i Europejskich programów na rzecz promowania zachowań proekologiczny.

The circular economy transition refers to the shift from the traditional “take, make, use, dispose” linear economic model to a more sustainable economic system that emphasises the regeneration and reuse of materials and resources. In a circular economy, waste and pollution are minimised and resources are kept in use for as long as possible, creating a closed-loop system that promotes efficiency and sustainability.

The transition to the circular economy necessarily requires a change in the way products are designed, produced, used and disposed of, affecting not only the business models traditionally adopted but, in particular, also the knowledge, skills and tools to which organisations must refer in carrying out their production activities. In fact, the need to rethink in a circular sense the processes of raw material procurement, processing and distribution of products requires economic actors to acquire a different and specific set of knowledge and skills but, above all, to establish within their own organisation a different mindset in approaching production activity in order to effectively translate the principles of the circular economy within company policy.

The L2C short learning programme consists of three (3) Modules composed of eleven (10) Units. The core element of each unit consists of video lectures linked with activities for learning by doing, potentially including self-graded finger exercises, assignments, simulations, and case studies.

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